How to Install Photoshop Extension


Required: Adobe Files Sync ON.

  • To see if the sync is ON: Go to Creative Cloud's Preference > Creative Cloud > Files.
  • Then go to the Adobe plugin page: 
  • You just need to click the Free button: (be sure to be logged with the same account as your Photoshop CC)
  • You don't have to do anything else, Adobe CC takes care of the installation. You can see the confirmation here:

Now, you just need to restart Photoshop to see the extension.



If the Files Sync installation doesn't work, use Anastasiy Installer

  • Download the Madyourself plugin here:
  • Then go to, it's an easy to use extension installer for Adobe.
  • Select your platform (Windows or Mac) and download the Anastasiy Installer
  • Install and launch Anastasiy Installer
  • Click "Photoshop CC" in the sidebar
  • Click "Install" and select the plugin "Madyourself.io_AdBuilder_Exporter_1.1.1.zxp" you previously download

That's it, you can restart Photoshop to view your new Madyourself extension.


> How to Use Photoshop Extention

In Photoshop:

  • You already have an open Photoshop file.
  • Navigate to Window -> Extensions (to find Madyourself extension). 
  • Hide the layer you don't want to export. 
  • Choose the project you want your current design in. 
  • Hit the 'Push to Madyourself' button and that's it!

The extension will create a new creative in, with all your Photoshop assets at the right place.



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