The first thing to do is click on “New Project” Button. 

Then type the Title and the Client name.

These name’s fields are just here to facilitate your organization. 

But if you’re a webdesigner and only use Madyourself for your company's advertising you may not need to organise your Project by client. So you can use the Client’s name field with something more useful for you. For example, the Project’s date. 

If you’ve done a mistake by entering names, you can update it anytime by clicking on the “Update Project” icon.

You can also duplicate a Project will all the creatives inside though the “Duplicate” Button.
Archiving a project will make it disappear from the default view,  it’s pretty useful to clean your Project Panel of old Projects when you begin to have lots of them.

Tick the “Archive box” to access to all your Archive Projects, it’s possible to unarchive a Project by simply clicking on the “Archive” Blue Button. 

 Another useful thing with Madyourself is the “Favorite” option. 

Click on the “Star” beside a Project to make it. 

Then Tick the “Favorite box” to show all your Favorite Projects. It’s pretty useful to find easily the project you are currently working on.  It’s possible to disable a Project from your favorite one by simply clicking on the “Star” Blue Button.

The last thing you can do is delete a Project by clicking on the “Trash” icon. Be sure before doing it because it will delete the Project with all creatives inside and it can’t be undone! So be very careful with this option. 

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