Gyroscope is a mobile technology allowing you to control movement in your creative by moving your device. Madyourself creates a format that exploits this technology to amplify your Ad's engagement.

Asset required: Panoramic Image
Mobile only

The first thing you need to do to create a Gyrorama is to click on the toolbar icon.

Then, you can drag the Panoramic Image (.jpg, .png, .gif) from a folder or use the "Select files" button.

The panoramic image is now on the Editor, don't worry if you can't see the full panorama - it's normal! You are actually seeing the far left of your image.

To see how it really looks like, press the preview button or send it directly to your phone by clicking on the Share button to find a QR code.

The panoramic image acts like a normal background, but people who see the ad can interact with it when they use their mobile.
So, you're are able to add Text, Shape, other images and animations, like in a normal creative.

Just keep in mind that all the assets will always be visible on the mobile screen. Assets and animations are depending on the Timeline (duration), NOT on the gyroscope's rotation.

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