360 Product Viewer feature allows you to create a 360° Interactive View of your product directly on your creative ad.

Asset required
: You need to have a minimum of 2 image views of your product to use this feature. But if you're up to quality, we recommend having at least 6 images. With 10 you get super high quality!

Click on the 360 Product Viewer icon:

When uploading images, you can drag them from a folder or use the "Select files" button.

Once the upload is complete, a layer is instantly created on the Timeline.

By clicking on the layer, you can:

  • Choose a name
  • Vary the Width and Height
  • Rotate the asset
  • Change the opacity

You can also use specific 360 Product Viewer options.

Activate Autoplay option will play your images one by one automatically. The more image you have, the more it will look like a video. If you choose not to activate this option, your audience will have to scroll/drag on Desktop or slide on Mobile to enjoy the 360° View.
Autoplay speed is the time between each image (in millisecond) when the autoplay mode is active.
Speed is the time between each image (in millisecond) when the audience interacts with it.

If you want to see how your ad will look, just click on the preview button.

Delete an image by clicking on the trash icon and add new images by clicking on the "Add Image" button.

You can change the sorting of your images to organize them correctly. Just drag and drop the images up or down. We recommend naming your different images with specific numbers to organize them easily.

Now you can add other assets as shape, text, images on your banner!

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