Easing is the process of making the animation less severe or pronounced. Easing makes your animations feel more natural.
There are 4 differents in Madyourself: Linear, Ease-in, Ease-out, Ease-in-out.

Ease-in animations start slowly and end fast. Ease-in is useful for opening animations. 

Ease-out animations start fast and end slowly, they are useful for closing animations.

Ease-in-out animations are a combination of Ease-in and Ease-Out. The slow start, fast middle, and slow end increase contrast in animation which is quite satisfying for users. Generally used for basics animations.

 Linear animations have no acceleration, animation’s speed is constant. Generally, I avoid using Linear Animation because things tend to feel robotic and unnatural.

We have also added 3 more types of Easing:

Ease-Out-Back animations

Ease-In-Out-Back animations

Ease-In-Back animations

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