The Timeline has been designed to make animation creation as easy as possible for everyone. Once you understand how the Timeline works, you'll be able to build almost anything you want.

Each element on the editor is linked to a layer on the Timeline, we recommend to name each element to have a better-organized Timeline.
You can manage the specific settings (name, size, position...) of each element by clicking on its own layer.

You can Drag&Drop a layer to move an asset below or above another.

These features make easy to manage your assets in the workspace when you have several elements.

  1. The “Eye” button allows you to show/hide an asset.
  2. The “Padlock” button freezes the layer. 
  3. You can duplicate a layer by clicking on the “Duplicate” button 
  4. Or delete a layer with the “Trash” button. 

If you accidentally do an unwanted move, don’t worry you can undo everything by pressing Cmd/CTRL+Z.

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