It's time to see how to master the basics of the ToolBar: 

  • Text
  • Shape
  • Youtube Video
  • Social Network Button.


When the time comes to add text to your creative, you'll need to click on the "Text" Button.

A "TextBox" will appear on the editor and a "Text Layer" in the Timeline.

You need to select the text on the left to overwrite it and choose the font style. It will immediately adapt the text on your creative.

You can adapt the font size, font color and font style by choosing a free google font style.

To add shapes, you have to click on the "Shape" button in the ToolBar.

A yellow rectangle will appear on the editor and a layer in the Timeline.

By clicking on the layer or directly on the shape, you have access to the edit panel.
Here, you can:

  • Change the height or width size
  • Manage the position of the element
  • Control the opacity: 0 to 1 (0 is transparent, 1 is opaque.)
  • Rotate the shape
  • Scale X:  Increases or decreases the size of an element (according to the parameters given for height).
  • Scale Y:  Increases or decreases the size of an element (according to the parameters given for width).

Or you can directly drag the corner of the Shape up or down to easily resize it. Hold Shift when dragging to keep the shape’s size ratio.

To increase visibility, you can increment a border, set-up a color border or vary the width. And use the radius border to round the corner and make it looks like more like a button. You can also directly move the shape on the editor to change its position.

Social Network

You can add Social Button to your ad, any click on this button will redirect to your Facebook or Twitter page.

  • Click the "Social Network" button
  • Choose Twitter or Facebook
  • Add your URL.

You can check if the button works well by using the preview.

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