Let's see how to add files to your creative.

The first thing you need to do is click on one of the "Upload" buttons.

When uploading videos or images, you can drag them from a folder or use the "Select files" button.

Remember: You don't need to compress your files. Madyourself Technologies already ensure you’ll get the lightest file possible without visual quality loss. We support .jpg, .gif, .png, .svg and convert all type of video in .mp4.

Once the upload is complete, layers are instantly created for each file you have uploaded. 

You can drag and drop each layer up and down to organize their positions in the Timeline and on the editor.
By clicking on a specific layer, you have access to its settings where you can:

  • Choose a name
  • Vary the width and Height
  • Rotate it
  • Change the opacity

When you update the image file, you'll be able to change the image / video with another one you like as simple as uploading a file. It will keep all the settings and animations previously created. It's really useful if you want to make multiple versions of the same creative template or test another image.

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