If you're creating a new Creative, the first thing you would need is to understand the different settings to start building awesome ads.

Choose your AdServer - You have to select a specific AdServer so your creative will be linked to it. You can change it anytime even if your creative is already done.

If you don't find the AdServer you'd like on the list, feel free to contact us via Live Chat or at contact@madyourself.io! We're always willing to add more AdServers specifications in our solution.

If you choose a DCO Ad Server like ADventori, you will have access to DCO tools.
Just keep in mind that Dynamic Creatives are only compliant with DCO Ad Servers.

You can also set a specific URL choosing “URL Redirection”, any clicks on your ads will redirect to that URL.

Change the settings of the creative 

If you need to customize the size of the creative, you can adapt its width and height.

Modify the duration - The duration is setup at 10secondes by default, remember that the duration is calculated in milliseconds (10 000 milliseconds = 10 secs)

Change the background color of the creative.

Or setup a transparent one

Adapt the border width and color if needed

Define a loop for your creative ad - You can choose if your ad will play continuously or a specific number of times.

Clean Code option -  If ON, you can download a readable code that can be manipulated. This function will add extra code and extra weight to your ad (+10kb max).

MRAID2.0 - Activate this option to make your ad compliant with MRAID2.0 specifications.

Learn how to upload and manage assets

Learn how to create animations

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