Let's start by creating your first creative from a template. Click "New Creative' on the right.

Then, choose the template you want. You can order your template by device, industry or features (ex: Gyrorama, 360 Product View, Carousel...)

We're adding new templates each month, more and more pre-made templates are to come! Share your ideas with us if you want to see a specific one on the platform. :)

You can also create a new creative from your own template previously created by selecting the option on the left.

Once you've chosen the template and you are in the editor, you are able to customize the template by changing the different assets and or adding your own ones.

Remember: You don't own the rights to keep the existing images examples and you have to update with one you own. We're not responsible for the use of these different assets.

To update an asset, simply click on it. Then, click on "Update" in the " Style | Animation" section.

Now, you just need to click on "Select Files" and choose the file you want.

The file will update and keep all the animations previously made. You can custom the animation as needed by dragging the keyframe on the timeline or adding new  other animations.

Go Deeper:

Learn how to manage your workspace.

Learn how to create animations

Learn how to manage the timeline.

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