In the settings pannel, you can find a list of of the supported (and tested) adservers.

Just pick the one you need and all your creative is automatically adapted to fulfill the required specifications.
So, your exported files can be transferred directly to your publisher.

Currently you can find:

- URL redirection

Simple, just to try your redirection

- AdRoll

- AppNexus

- DCO ADventori

- Gamned!

- Google Doucleclick DCM / DBM 'ClickTag'

- Google Doucleclick Studio 'exit'

- One by Aol

- Other: %LINK%


- Sizmek

- Smart Adserver 'ClickTag'

- Smart Adserver 'Sas:click'

- Tradelab

- Weborama

If you don't find a specification in our list, feel free to contact us, this application is made to accept any type of new adserver specifications.

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