When creating your Madyourself.io account, there's a Demo Project provided to see how a creative looks like. 

New creative

Now you're ready to create a new project. Click the "New Creative" button and give your creative a name, a type and a size. Or choose a Template.

Learn how to create banners from scratch
Learn how to create banners from template

Setup your Worskspace

Here you can adjust your creative’s settings:

  • Update the Type or Size of your creative
  • Set up the creative’s duration (Default: 10secs)
  • Customize the background (color, border, loop, max weight…)
  • Select a specific AdServer
  • Clean Code Option : If ON, you can download a readable code that can be manipulated. This function will add extra code and extra weight to your ad (+10kb max).

Learn more about the Workspace

Upload files

Madyourself Technologies already ensure you’ll get the lightest file possible without visual quality loss. We support .jpg, .gif, .png, .svg and convert all type of video as .mp4. No need to compress your assets before uploading. Just Drag & Drop them to the upload assets window.

Learn more about the uploading files

Add Assets

By clicking on th buttons in the "ToolBar", try add:


  • Upload Image
  • Upload Video
  • Text
  • Shape
  • Social Network Button


  • Youtube Video
  • Gyrorama
  • 360° Video Viewer
  • Carousel


  • iStock Image

Learn more about adding assets

Animate your asset

With Madyourself you can easily create relevant animations!

  1. First : Select the asset you want to animate (just click on the layer or directly on the element) 
  2. Then : Move the Time Cursor where you want your animation to be in the timeline.
  3. Choose animation type: Select a preset animation or personalize your own one (Position, Translation, Rotation).
  4. Select an easing
  5. Finally: Click on "Add Animation"

The cursor shows the end of the animation so you can’t create an animation if the cursor is on 0sec keyframe.

Learn more about animations

Manage the Timeline

Manage your assets and animations with the easy-to-use Timeline!

Organise your layers:  Hide, Lock, Duplicate, Delete or Move them Up/Down.

Manage your animations

  • Click and hold the arrows above the keyframe animation to adjust the duration
  • Click and hold the keyframe animation to move it
  • Click on the circle below the keyframe animation to edit it

Learn more about the Timeline

Preview & Download

There are two ways to preview your creative. 

  • Click on ‘Share’ and select your device (Smartphone, Tablet, Desktop) to get a preview link to send to your clients or teammates. You can also scan the QR Code viewer to have a direct preview on your smartphone.
  • Click on "Preview" to have a complete view of what your creative really looks like, interactions can only be tested/viewed on this window.
  • Click on "Export" to download your creative in a zip file, the name of your zip file is composed with the name of you creative and the size.

Learn more about the previews

Templatify and Duplicate

If you’re used to have a specific ad model for your brand or client, you can create a Template of a creative with only 2 clicks. Just click on "Templatify" Button, then enter a name and submit.
You can also duplicate a creative by simply clicking on the “Arrows” icon, then change the size and adapt the assets inside.

Learn more about Templates

Organise by projects

Madyourself allows you to simply organise your creatives into projects and sort them by clients or campaigns.
Click on the "New Project" button, then type a Title and a Client name. 

Learn more about projects

Pro Tips - Shortcuts

Cmd (Ctrl) + Z = Undo
Alt + Drag = Drag Workspace
Alt + Scroll = Zoom

More Shortcuts

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