Reinvente the way you make advertising by adding high-quality 3D model into your html5 banners in just a few clicks. 

First, you need to upload your 3D models or create it on your Sketchfab account. (here how to do it)

Click on the Sketchfab icon:

Insert the Sketchfab ID of your 3D model to make it appears in the editor.

Activate the "Autospin" if you need your 3D model to rotate automatically. 

"Autostart" -> easy

The "Scroll Wheel" option allow your audience to use the Scroll Wheel of their mouse to zoom on the 3D model.

"UI Stop" -> rotation automatique

"Frames Per Second" determine the number of frames per second of the 3D model.

If you have a Premium Sketchfab account, you have access to the following options:

"Transparent" to set up the background transparent of the 3D model.

"Hide Infos" to Show/hide the Sketchfab user's information on the 3D model.

"Hide Watermark" to show/hide the Sketchfab logo on the 3D model.

"Hide control" to show/hide the controllers on the 3D model.

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