First of all you need a working Google Maps Javascript API key to create your own map.

- How to get a Google Maps Api Key

You can easily generate one here:

Once you get your API, you need to enter it right here:

Now you have access to Google Maps feature in Madyourself, you have to create locations you want to appear on the map.

First download our CSV Template here.
Then fill the .CSV file with your own data.

CSV File

The required fields:

  • name
  • address
  • zip
  • city
  • state
  • country
  • phone
  • lat // the marker latitude
  • lng // the marker longitude
  • linkText // Text on the location button
  • activeCustomLink // Use your custom link, true or false
  • customLink // Your custom direct link

Tip: To get latitude and longitude from an address, use this website.

Once you have pasted your data, be careful to save your file by using  'CSV UTF-8 Comma delimited' file type.

Then upload your .CSV file into the editor by clicking on "Add/Update markers" and your markers will appear on the map!

Now you can custom your map by uploading other Markers icon or activating some options.



Required for preview and export.


Active or not the current location feature so the user see himself on the map. A pop-up show at creative launch to ask if the user want it.
If Geolocation is activated the initial Latitude and Longitude are overwritten.

Disable UI

Show / Hide Maps UI. Example: Map/Satellite Button

Initial Lat and Lng:

When the map should be centered at launch.

Fit all markers

Make the zoom fit all the markers on the map or center on the initial Latitude and Longitude.
If Geolocation is activated the initial Latitude and Longitude are overwritten.

Initial Zoom

If Fit all markers is activated the initial Zoom is overwritten.

Add your CSV

Simply download our template file

Add your own icon

Replace default marker icon with your own.
Important: Use a square image to feet the google map ratio.

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